Friday, 19 February 2010

I thought it'd be nice if I let you know a little more about me; enjoy!

Can you blow a bubble?
If by that you mean with bubble gum or with the bubble liquid you can buy in little pots, then yes i can ^.^

Can you do a cart wheel?
Haha no, i actually can't. I seem to have a much higher chance of somehow hurting myself in the process, than actually doing a cart wheel.

Can you touch your toes?
Unfortunatly not with my legs straight, but if i'm sitting the way i am now, then yep, easy peasy :3

Can you wiggle your ears?
Ahhh yeah. I learnt the other week that if you're a model and you can wiggle your ears, you can control all of the muscles in your face, therefore producing better shots ;D

Can you touch your tongue to your nose?
Noo, but i wonder how many people read that question try, and epically fail.. just like I did.

Did you ever want to be a doctor?
Nonono.. i'd be the worst doctor around! I like the idea of helping people, and saving lives. But i can barely be fine when getting an injection! aha

Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?
I'd never actually thought about becoming one ever... I've done firefighting training before, which was immensly fun, but i dont think i'd cope well in situations that firefighters face.

Did you ever want to be a teacher?
Yeah :) I liked the idea of being a drama teacher, since the lessons seemed so fun compared to all of the other subjects.

Did you ever do something you have regretted?
Yeah there are some things, but don't some things happen for a reason?

Did you vote for Bush?
Haha noooo, for starters I'm British, and secondly I can't legally vote yet ^.^

Do you like rollercoasters?
Yeah some, i'm not a massive fan of being upsidedown or too many loopti-loops ahaa.

Do you own a bike?
Yes. It hasn't been used in a while though.

Do you play the lotto?
I actually havent before, although it would be nice to. I can't believe the two most recent winners had won 56 million each. The thing that made me smile was that they both went out to celebrate the good old english way - With bacon sandwiches ;D

Do you like football?
I don't really follow it all to be honest aha.

Do you have a shopping addiction?
Not an addiction ^.^ but I do really like shopping. (thats whe i have the money of course :3 )

Does your family have family picnics?
Probably when i was a lot younger, but not anymore nowadays.

Does you wallet have any pics in it?
Nope :( just the basics ahaa

Does your job bring you satisfaction?
Well i work in a baguette shop like Subway, except we serve healthier, fresher food. ^.^

Last person you hung out with?
Probably my dad and brother (if you don't mind counting them as one person haha) since we're watching movies right about now :) )

Last car ride?
Yesterday, on the way home from work.

Last text message?
From my friend, but i'll keep it to myself ;)

Last baby you held?
My cousin, that was weeks ago, it'd be nice to see her again sometime soon.

What was the last thing you bought?
This weeks More! magazine, i swear i'm obsessed ;D

What was the last thing you had to drink?
A glass of water, pretty basic i know :3

What was the last thing you watched?
I'm currently watching a movie, I don't know what one though, since i'm not really paying much attention to it aha.

What was the last thing you read?
Enjuring Love. For my literature A level. I don't really feel like i'm getting into it, which makes it hard for my exam.. hmmm.

What was the last thing your hand wrote?
Some work for my Photography A-Level, needs to be done! :)

Who last talked to you on the phone?
My dad, asking about dinner ^.^

Who was the last person to leave you a comment?
Most likely one of my friends, i can't remember what it was for though.

Who do you miss right now?
Hmm some people..

Who last hugged you?
My mum :3

What color shirt are you wearing?

Have any tattoos?
Nope, but i'd like to get one in the future :D

Have you any piercings?
Yep, 6 and their all in my ears. My first pair I had got pierced very young, then the second pair was pierced when i was like 7. Since then i've had my Helix and Tragus pierced. Other than that i have no other piercings :)

Straight hair or curly?
I'd say my hair was that awkward state inbetween the two... My hair is also very thick too which is a pain. It's really bizzare though, naturally my hair looks a terrible state, when when i do damage it by straightening it, it looks really healthy..

Where are you?
In my living room :3

Failed a class?

Professed your love and been turned down?
Yes... felt like a massive punch in the gut :(

Accomplished a life goal?
Not yet, but it would be nice too ;D

Sang in front of a crowd?
Yep, in primary school. I didn't really have a choice, ahaa but personally, i think i can't sing haha.


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