Sunday, 21 February 2010

Boots Natural Collection nail varnish ~ Review

So, i decided that I'll do a review on recently purchased nail varnishes. They are from the Boots range of Natural Collection, I do appreciate the fact that this brand isn't as loved as Barry M, or Rimmel, but i do think these nails varnishes are defiantly worth buying! I had a tough choice of which colours to buy at the time, since there are so many pretty colours and shades.
Currently within the Natural collections complete range of cosmetics Boots has an offer for 3 items for £5, which to me, is a very good bargain indeed! I used this offer to buy the following 3 nail varnishes which I am reviewing. Separately each of these nail varnishes cost only £1.99, so with the special offer or not, it is still a great buy!

The three following nail varnishes are frosted pastel shades, and aren't as bold as what they look like in the bottles.

~Apologies for the picture quality, these images were taken on my iPhone since my digital camera has pretty much died on me :) I will try to change the images to better ones asap! Alongside some swatches on my own nails for a better view out the bottle.
This nail varnish from the Natural Collections range is called Sugar mouse (£1.99). I find that this is such an adorable colour to have on your nails that will simply go with any outfit. When painted on nails, its a really pretty white and baby pink shimmery colour, with a frosty effect.

This nail varnish is called Topaz (£1.99) I'm afraid the image of this one isn't as clear as what the nail varnish looks like. The colour is more blue, and not so turquoise, when painted on your nails it makes them appear a shimmery icy light blue, this blue though isn't crazy bold, i would say that it is a lot calmer than it looks in the bottle.

I have to admit that this my favourite Natural Collection colour at the moment, this one is called Champagne (£1.99). I absolutely adore this colour! I'd say that it suits any skin colour, and is also a discrete colour which is perfect for me considering i can then wear it for work ;D I totally recommend anyone buying this shade, it's very very worth it!
Please let me know if there is any nail varnishes from this range you have bought and would recommend ^.^ x


  1. Lovely colours and thanks for the review!!!

  2. I really want to buy some more polishes now! xx