Thursday, 9 September 2010

Long time no type!

Hey guys, i can't actually believe how long i havent been using this blog! pretty unreal if you ask me, so i've decided to wipe away the cobwebs and start a-new!
How have you guys been? I know i haven't many followers, but you all do count! I'll start to get into a habit into posting regularly as any blogger should ;D
I haven't much idea what i'll blog about, but it'll be a variety of things, and if you recommend anything you want to be seen i'll try my best to get it up!

So there's this one blog in which I do love reading again and again. I'll be utterly suprised if you don't follow her ~ Michelle @ Daisybutter. Even when my blog had seemed to come upon a standstill I kept on reading her posts when published!

Apologies for the complete randomness of this blog, but you shall be seeing more soon! :)

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